How y'all inspired ME during #BLACKMUSICSUMMER...

How y'all inspired ME during #BLACKMUSICSUMMER...

Our first observed #BlackMusicSummer is finally coming to an end.

Alas, we have to wait another year to get back to this nostalgia and revelry - or, maybe not?

During this year's #BlackMusicMonthChallenge, people shared that the challenge was a much needed distraction, and many said it gave them an excuse to take time out of their day and bask in nostalgia, entertainment and/ joy.

I realized this could be translated to something both more tangible and more personal, and started thinking about the prompts as a journal.

The final product, which contains 62 pages of more than 70 prompts total, is more than just the challenge on on paper. I really hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!


I was also like "Let's go 'head and create the challenge in a physical format," 'cause why not?

Presenting #MusicSermon's #BlackMusicChallenge cards - a great way to bring the conversations (and debate) around the #BlackMusicMonthChallenge into real life, especially as we get close to in-the-house season. I've even included some blank cards so you can create your own. And expansion packs will definitely be coming!

Purchase the journal (currently on limited pre-order for 10% off - it goes live @ full price next week) and get the link to download and print the files at home for FREE!

Or, buy them directly: print at home for $4.99, or order a printed set for $20.00. 




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