Sermon Shop FAQS

1. Who's Behind the Sermon Shop?

My name is Naima Cochrane, and in 2017 I started a Twitter series called #MusicSermon, telling stories about under-appreciated R&B and hip hop. Since then, #MusicSermon has celebrated the culture in various ways, from March Madness brackets to the #BlackMusicMonthChallenge.

2. I thought #MusicSermon was threads and challenges. Why merch?

I started a merch vertical for #MusicSermon primarily because of things I wanted for myself! I try to create things that are unique and I haven't seen elsewhere, that match the energy and spirit people have come to associate with #MusicSermon.

3. How do the clothes fit?

Unless specified in the description, shirts and sweats are unisex, but they fit well on anyone (not hyperbole). Sizing guides are in the item details. 

4. What happens after I order?

Most of #MusicSermon's merch is handled by third party companies who fulfill your order and ship to you directly. (Starting mid-October, you'll see estimated shipping times with your order).

Your items are created on demand; there's not a waiting inventory (this gives room to experiment with more designs without worrying about being stuck with unsold items).

Shipping communication comes from these companies, but feel free to email with any questions about your order. 

5. What if my item is damaged or not as described? 

If anything is poor quality or damaged, or there's some other issue with your oder please email re: returns and refunds. A general return policy for sizing is in the works.